Monday, November 15, 2010

Lightning strikes inside my chest to keep me up at night

I keep surprising myself more and more everyday with the things I am capable of doing. I really needed to clear my mind because I couldn’t pay attention if my life depended on it during mass tonight, but of course when I’m forcing myself to, the words don’t come out. Maybe tomorrow.


Dad: I don't need to say anything, all I need to do is say "New one! New one! New one!"
Chu Tuan: and if they ask what is wrong with it, just throw out the racist card and they'll get scared. Instant replacement.
Chu Son: They'll ask "are you happy? we'll throw in a $50 gift card too." and I'll say "not really, but I'll take it."

This convo was so much funnier in person and in Vietnamese. They all speak perfect english, my dad went to high school and graduated in Minnesota, but this was all referring to my brother's one month old laptop that has a dent on the side because he dropped it. My parents bought a two year protection plan for it, but I guess it doesn't cover physical damages. So they all agreed to just go to Best Buy and act like they don't speak english.

Chu Son: Why is it that women always have the men go back to the store to return the stuff that they bought for themselves?

Ain't that the truth? hahah

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ken said...

Tai Sao dan ba Vietnam luc nao cung sai dan ong di doi do ho mua o tiem