Friday, November 12, 2010

Today, right now, I'm running

I am a single, early in her twenties girl, who’s taking a break from her usual forty plus hours of work a week and full time school life to slow down and enjoy everything that’s she’s been seeing, hearing, and experiencing, but missed. I’m a girl who’s running, running to try to be one step ahead. I know one of these days I’m going to fall because I’ll be too tired and everything will catch up to me, but today, right now, I’m up, active, alive, and ready. Ready to chase my dreams and have everything else falls into place. Today, right now, I’m running, and even though it’s not in sight, I’m pacing myself to the finish line.

I may be just another girl to you, but I’m a girl who knows the world is large. I’ve been on top of mountains, I’ve touched the clouds, I’ve gazed at a blanket of stars, and I’ve seen a glimpse of what my future could’ve been. I didn’t like what I saw and more importantly, I didn’t feel that it was right for me so I traded familiarity in for mystery and I was left with nothing but instability, a pair of running shoes, and a finish line that was nowhere to be seen. But now I’ve picked up my running shoes, dreamt of the finish line, and I’m using my life’s instability to my advantage. Today, right now I’m running.

Over the past months I’ve realized that single is not a status, but it is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others (Yanie Alakiztah). Even though I miss sharing the happiness with a significant other, I will always have my family, friends, and Twitter to share my happiness with. I’ve also realized that age is just a number, and it’s how old you feel that counts. I know people who have lived longer than me, but they definitely feel and live their life like they’re younger. I’ve also realized that I have experienced a lot, but I was so busy trying to rush through life that I never got to stop and soak everything in. I heard, but never listened. I saw things, but never realized it. And smelt things, but never tasted it. A lot of my friends are done or are about to be finished with college and I’m happy for them, but I see a lot of them judging me for my decision to take a break. It might be on their track to run, finish school, and start their careers ASAP, but I’ve realized that everyone’s track is different and I’m running on one that’s made for me.

Today, right now, I’m running. Pacing myself towards the finish line, and I don’t mean to leave anyone behind, but sometimes our tracks don’t intertwine. You can definitely catch me if you can, but whatever you do, please don’t slow me down.

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