Friday, November 19, 2010

things i miss

I miss my boys. They're 9 years old now. One lives in Florida now, and the other lives far far away in Minnesota, and honestly I don't think his mom would trust me with him. But either way I wish I had a chance to watch them grow up (they're two different uncle's kids).

I miss having someone to stay in with. Thinh and I used to do this a lot, too bad back then he was the one who wanted to stay in, and I was always the one who wanted to go out. Now when I'm feeling grandma-ish and wanna stay in I have no one )=

Thanksgiving dinner w/family and close friends. I think out of my twenty something years of living, I've only really celebrated Thanksgiving twice. One year at my cousin Quy and My's house, that was really nice having everyone from my dad's side there. I remember going to Escape after dinner and running into my uncle. Happens a lot. The second time was when I lived in St. Louis, my uncle Jimmy and his gf Kelle makes dinner for all of our friends, the real legit Turkey and all of the trimmings dinner. So delicious. I guess this year I'll be spending it with a friend's family while my parents will be somewhere warm and my siblings off doing their own thing. Holidays like this is what makes me want to have a nice big family.

I miss working because I miss the work, the people, and dressing up. Now a days when I do dress up everyone asks me why I'm so dressed up and when I tell them just because I want to, they give me the stank face. Do I seriously need a reason to?

I used to love winter as a kid, but now I dread it when this time of the year rolls around. We (my siblings and I) used to build snow forts off of our deck when we lived in Richfield. and when my cousins were here from Cali one winter, we'd always go sledding.


bebiix said...

Ur always welcome to come over my house for thanksgiving (:

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