Saturday, November 6, 2010

An old Xanga Post

Dating back to October 4, 2004

Was reading someone's xanga earlier and it sparked up my theory thing of "Everyone's Selfish". Since some of you have heard me lecture about it, and some haven't, I'm gonna type about it.Ooh I know Theo can't get enough of thiss.. haha yeah right he probably heard me lecture him about it sooo many times.

Happiness? Some people go to their families, some goes to their friends, some goes to their boyfriend/girlfriend to find happiness. But some people are smart enough to go to themselves. Thats all theres to it. To really, truely find happiness you have to go to yourself. No one can make you as happy as yourself can. Sure your family, friends, and significant other can make you happier, but they just can't make you as happy as yourself is able to. I mean its also all in the way of how you percieve things. If you tell yourself that this and that and you show that the situation or the person is getting to you, thats gonna make them get to you. If you just be cool and calm about things, it won't be so bad. I mean why freak out about the little things, when there will be bigger things to freak out about. Its all in the me, myself and I.

Selfishness. I always hear people calling other people 'selfish'. I use the word and call others that too, but I know that I'm also just as selfish as the next person. Everyone living is just as selfish as everyone else in the world, unless you commit suicide that is, thats the most selfish thing you could ever do, take your life away from the people that care and love you. If you think I'm wrong, am I really? Think about it. Everything you've done, every decision you've made, its all because you're selfish. You go to school because you selfishly want a good future for yourself. You go to work because you selfishly want to buy something, or get more money for yourself. You choose to go do this with your friends every weekend because you selfishly want to have fun. You do things for others whom you care for because it selfishly makes you feel good. Everything you do is selfish, and its for your own good.

Just a little something I've realized over the summer, and thought I'd share it with you all.

Fast track to today, I still have the same beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

most selfish people view the world as a selfish one.

the world changes when your world changes.