Thursday, October 8, 2009

Job Hunting

I've been unemployed for about two and a half weeks now, but I haven't started looking for another job until today. I had no motivation, and I definitely wanted to enjoy the free time I didn't have before quitting M&I...and so I am. Enjoying my time. I'm definitely getting the sleep and study time I deserve.

Took me about a half an hour to update and revise my resume, it's been two full years since I've touched or even looked at it, boy should I start revising it every month! It's hard to think about the skills I obtain and the work related courses I've taken in school under pressure. For resumes, I'm basically trying to sell myself in the best, shortest possible way. Not everyone will be impressed at first glance, and if they're not impressed at first glance they won't even read it.

During this job hunt, I've got to remind myself that not everyone has created a resume or even know how. Not everyone has the work ethic and work experience that I have. So I have an advantage over the majority of the people. All I need to do is land the interview and I'm set. I've never ever landed an interview and haven't gotten called back to accept the position, never. I think if there was an interview that I've failed, it'd be a big blow to my ego. But right now, I've got a big ego...

Wish me luck guys, for I need it because my savings funds are running low, and bills need to be paid!

I've applied at too many places. Sit back and let it happen...rewarding myself with an all new episode of GLEE!! (=

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