Friday, October 9, 2009

Early morning vents

Live I’ve said before, when I am meeting new girls, I am very cautious. And there are two deal breakers that I look for when meeting one: gold diggers and sluts/whores/skanks…you get the point. If a girl is any one of those two traits, I will not befriend you. Yes, I give everyone a chance to prove themselves to me, but I believe that you are who you hang out with.

You are who you hang out with:
Say you go out to the clubs and bars with a girl who known to be a gold digger or a skank, or just has a bad rep in general, people who know her but don’t know you will automatically assume you are the same type of person she is. After all, that’s why you two are friends right? –Because you guys have things or rather something in common. But then if you go out to the clubs and bars with a girl or girls who have a clean rep, girls who are well-liked by mostly everyone (it’s very hard to be liked by everyone, someone will always try to bring you down), then those who don’t know you, but know them will automatically assume you are well-liked, clean rep also.

--This theory of mine, works only to an extent though. It is possible for one person to have a variety of friends, BUT the person looking at you at the bar or club doesn’t know this. They only perceive what you’re letting them perceive, which at that very moment is the group of girls you are friends with.

And with that theory of mine, I wouldn’t want to bother wasting my energy and time on girls who have no self-respect. We all have standards in life for everything; let’s just say this is my standard for having girl friends.

Gold digger:
A woman who cares about the material objects and the money more than the man; A woman whose underlying interest in the relationship is material benefits; A woman who is a prostitute (in my sense), using sex to receive material benefits; A woman who lacks the independence to support herself, so she sells sex to get it from a man; A hooker, just smarter.
…need I say more? Who wants to be associated with a hooker? –Definitely not me!

A woman whose intentions are to sleep with as many men as possible; A woman who sleeps (it could be dating too) her ex-boyfriend’s friend(s); A woman who sleeps with another man, while in a long-term relationship with the man she did not sleep with; A woman who has more than one baby daddy within a year or two; A woman who has done dirty deeds for more than one man during a week time span; A woman who sleeps with a man while knowingly that he is unavailable; A woman who has no self-respect.
……yeahhh enough said.

I feel irritated by women who have such low self-esteem that they constantly are looking for attention from men. If you don’t respect yourself enough to have a high self-esteem, seeking the approval from men isn’t going to make it any better, I mean if you don’t respect yourself, who will? I certainly won’t. And I think it’s ridiculous that so many women are getting breast implants to make themselves feel better. Yeah, men like big breasts, and you could easily say “Oh easy for you to say because you have big boobs.” –Yeah, I do for a woman my size, but whatever happened to appreciating what your mama gave ya? Besides, fakeness will only get you so far. Just like fake breasts. They look nice (again with the whole perceiving thing), but while you’re in bed with your man, he’s always going to prefer the natural stuff over the too hard stuff. Oh and that goes for push-up bras too, it looks nice, but once you’re in bed and he realizes your “big” breasts aren’t so big, he’ll be one disappointed fellow.

I could go on and on about my women pet peeves, but I’ll save that for another time. (=

I'm honestly trying to keep all of the "parasites" out of my life, and along with that I'm trying to figure out who are the "parasites" that are already in my life and kick them out, but it seems like they're following me everywhere!
Like a good friend of mine has told me, no matter how far you try to run, your past will still be with you. I just wish these people would just let me have seperate lives for them, and then seperate lives for others. Let's not intermix two things that are so good so that it could go wrong.


bebiix said...

WOOO! i feel ya. i always tell my brothers this : "Girls are evil"

Anonymous said...

when i feel like blogging about parasites, i just read THIS ENTRY! :D thanks babe!