Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it fair?

Is it fair to consider myself 'mean' because I am not afraid to speak what's on my mind? Because I am comfortable enough with myself, that I know who I am? Because I don't care what anyone else says about me and the people that I love and will stick up for them? Is it fair to consider myself a 'bitch' because I am not afraid to speak the truth, even if it hurts someone else's feelings?

I am against liars. I have no respect and want nothing to do with people who lie. Sugar coating is considered lying and I won't sugar coat no matter how much I'm trying to protect someone's feelings.

There are people I know who don't take criticism well, in fact they probably take an offense to it, but I like it. It makes me know how I should better myself. I think other's should do the same. Listen to the critcism, and thank the person who had the nerve to tell you it. Cause only true friends will tell you what's up.

I'll definitely add more to this! I just really have to finish my philosophy paper. 11 hours left to finish it.