Friday, October 30, 2009

Avant - I Wanna Be

It’s funny how life works. How everything happens and somehow it all fits together.


There’s someone who I’ve known just as long, if not longer than most of my girlfriends and it’s just been the past month that we’ve really taken the time to hang out, talk, and really get to know each other. It’s funny because when I’m having issues she’s the first person that pops in my head to reach out to. And I’m truly thankful that I have her as a friend. Now when I think about the past month and how nice it has been to find someone trustworthy again, it makes me think why didn’t I take the time to get to know her before? People really do have great timing when coming into your life, another reason why I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

She’s shown me that not all girls are fake, so thank you for being real, honest, and most importantly trustworthy. We’re so much alike that it’s good to hear her tell me things that I wouldn’t listen to if I was telling myself the same thing.


When things get to be too good to be true, I gotta do something to make sure it’s still real.


How do you know that the person you’re with is worth all of the time? There’s a bajillion others out there in the world, how do you know that the very one person you are with now, is the one?

I believe that everyone has one heart, therefore, everyone will have one love.
Mot trai tim, mot tinh yeu (Vietnamese for one heart, one love).

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I'm the one for you. LOL