Friday, October 9, 2009

It's undeniable

What is your relationship status?--unavailable
What is your man's name?-- T.I.P.
How long have you known eachother?-- 7 years
What color are his eyes?-- dark brown
Where did you first meet your man?-- Carthage, MO...still remember the moment! and what he was wearing too =X
What was the first thing you said to each other upon meeting?-- he said, "Hi, I'm Thinh, you must be Tammy."
Who else was around when ya'll met?-- The same guys that are always around us! haha
Were you friends before you dated?-- for a couple of years, yes
Where did you go on your 1st date?-- A Movie, Shooters to shoot pool (which I won btw), and Denny's (=
Do you remember what you wore or he wore on your 1st date?-- I wore a peach Bebe shirt w/jeans and my kswiss, and he wore...don't remember! A white hoodie and jeans?
Most fun date you two have been on?-- Playing monopoly w/his nephews at his house
Do you go on more alone or group dates?-- not really alone and not really group...more with just his our friends + us.
Who usually pays for the date?-- 50/50, I feel weird if he pays all of the time. I'm not a golddigger!
What does your man do to make money?-- investments. (=
How many years apart are you?-- he's a year and five days older
Do you normally date older or younger guys?-- preferably older
How did ya'll first kiss?-- I lost a bet, and was suppose to make the move but was too shy, so he did during Shark Tales. That same night he asked me to be his "babygirl" haha
Did he use any cheesy lines?-- he's very cheesy! it's cute.
How long have ya'll been together?-- 5 years. with a one year break )=
When did you meet his parent's?-- On his prom day.
Who said, "I love you" first?-- we haven't said the three words
What was the first thing he gave you?-- my giant baby cinnemonny rollie thingy on my bed
What's the cutest thing he does?-- everything he does is cute
What does he call you?-- baby, hunnie, em
How well does he know you?-- ridiculously well
How well do you know him?-- ridiculously well
Does he have any scars?-- yes his FOB stamp
Do you know any of his ex's?-- yep
Is he friends with any of his ex's?-- yes
What is his favorite thing to do?-- Linneage II; the olympics, botting, and sieges
What is one thing that really annoys him?-- when I give him an attitude because of something he didn't do, other personal stuff I prefer not to say
Are you happy?-- very, too happy
Do your friends like him?-- some yes
Do your parents like him?-- they love him
Is he the best kisser out of all that you've kissed?-- =P yes!
What does he do that gives you butterflies?-- i've never gotten butterflies
Have you ever gotten into a fight?-- yeah
If so what was it over?-- stuff
How many kids does he want to have?-- the same amount i do
Have you ever loved anyone else?-- i've never loved anyone
What is your best memory together?-- too many to state
Have you talked about a future together?-- no. we're taking each day as it comes
Do you think you two will get married?-- taking each day as it comes

Who eats more?-- we both eat the same amount, but him sometimes
Who weighs more?-- him
Who sings better?-- him
Who's Older?-- him
Who's smarter?-- me of course, (;

Who's temper is worse?-- mine, he rarely gets mad
Who does the laundry?-- we both do
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?-- i do at his house, he does at mine
Who's feet are bigger?-- his
Who's hair is longer?-- mine
Who's better with the computer?-- him
Who cooks dinner?-- me
Who makes more money?-- his investments sucks, so me! haha jk
Who drives when you are together?-- he does
Who pays when you go out to dinner?-- we both pay
Who's the most stubborn?-- the both of us, but he's learned to get over his stubborness over time
Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong?-- i am
Who's parents do you see more?-- both of ours
Who named your dog?-- we dont' have one
Who kissed who first?-- he kissed me
Who asked who out?-- he did
Who's more sensitive?-- i am
Who's taller?-- T.I.P.
Who has more friends?-- I do, most of his friends he's met through me (=
Who has more siblings?-- me
Who wears the pants in the relationship?-- me of course, (; haha
How did it all begin?-- he casted a spell on me
When did you meet?-- August
Was it love at first sight?-- no
how old were you both?-- i was 15 and he was 16
When did you have your first kiss?-- October
How long until you met the parents?-- 7 months
When was it official?-- October 8 and December 4

The good...
Whats your happiest memory of him?-- tons
Whats the sweetist thing he has ever done for you?-- read a previous post of mine
Whats your favorite thing to do together?-- lay in bed doing nothing but be lazy!
When did you know you were falling in love?-- not there yet
Is it true love?-- who knows?
How do you know this?-- n/a

The bad...Whats his worst habit?-- being forgetful
What annoys you about him?-- he knows me too well, and knows how to get me to not be mad!
Has he ever hurt you badly?-- yepp
Would he ever cheat?-- hopefully never again
Has he ever cheated?-- yes
Do you trust him?-- 110%

The ugly...
Best facial feature?- - his cheek bones
Favorite part of his body?- - his stomach (even though its a mini beer belly) his arms, and legs
Hair colour?- - black
What does he smell of?- - indescribable but i love it
Whats he wearing when you picture him in your head?- - his birthday suit (;

How do you feel when he holds you?-- safe
How do you feel when you fall asleep and wake up in his arms?-- nothing else matters
How does it feel when he touches you?-- warm
Does his touch give you goose bumps?-- no
Does he kiss your neck?-- yes
Your forehead?-- yes

Deep and meaningfull...
Could you be without him?-- yes and no
Do you think about him constantly when your apart?-- not constantly but enough
Can you see a future together?-- of course
Would you like to get married?-- someday
Have children?-- someday
Where can you see your relationship in a years time?-- together, graduating college together, starting our careers..
5 years time?-- lets not jinx anything
Do you know there is definately no-one better out there for you?-- who knows
How do you know this?-- n/a
Are you scared he might find someone better?-- of course, but if there is someone better for him, than i'll be happy for him. sometimes it's not about you.
Is he your best friend as well as your lover?-- yes. i tell him everything!
Does he come first over everyone else in your life?-- after my immediately family, yes

On a lighter note...
Whats the funniest thing you have ever done together?-- we got scared together haha recent event (=
Say something that only you two understand:-- shark tales
Does he make you laugh?-- all of the time
Do you wrestle?-- yes
Is he tickelish?-- very
Are you?-- kind of

His Favorites...
Food?-- depends
Drink?-- alcoholic = mojito, reg: water, strawberry lemonade, icetealemonade
Sport?-- football
Past time?-- anytime he's w/his boys which is all of the time
Animal?-- he doesn't have one surprisingly!
Clothing style?-- casual
Band?-- he doesn't have one
Music?-- viet/rap/r&b

Your things...
Song?-- river flows in you - yiruma and he's joked about akon - right now
DVD?-- his tv series collection
Place to hang out?-- jay's
Meal to cook together?-- his late night snack, shrimp pasta w/veggies

Time you saw him?-- three hours ago
Kissed him?-- three hours ago
Spoke to him?-- two hours ago
The last text he sent you?-- you too baby
See him again?-- tomorrow
Speak to him again?-- tomorrow
Tell him you love him again?-- hmm

Have you ever...
Spent the night together?-- every weekend
Celebrated a holiday together?-- every holiday
Met his parents?-- yes
Had naughty time?-- lol we're all grown ups
Made him cry?-- once or twice
Done anything spontaneous together?-- lots
Is this love?-- who knows, only the man above knows


bebiix said...

What is one thing that really annoys him?-- when I give him an attitude because of something he didn't do, other personal stuff I prefer not to say <--- FOR sure F would go ballistic!

youve never had butterflies? hmm.

Anonymous said...

dude i love you and thinh!