Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm sure many of us growing up had a favorite parent to go to ask for the things you wanted. For my siblings and I the parent was my dad. Both parents love us unconditionally and it's clear they only want the best for us, but my dad was easier to get to say yes. And on occasions he'd give us "Go ask mummy." We all dreaded it when he'd say that because she was more money conscious (one time my dad came home out of nowhere with two big boxes, in the boxes were $10,000 speakers) But over the years I've picked up on her habit of saying no first, and then minutes after saying no she'll feel bad for saying it and then she'll come to you in a soft toned voice and ask you if you want it or sometimes she'll go get it for you and surprise you with it.

Just got off the phone w/my brother and I realized I picked up my mother's habit of saying no and feeling bad right after.
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