Sunday, January 30, 2011

01/28-01/29 [In Pictures]

Friday: Went to a couple house parties. The first one was to see some friends who came into town from Chicago. Always a pleasant time w/these goof balls! Stayed there for a little while then went to see the Goons.

Chicago boys w/Oanh and I + birthday Boy Sonny

Again this time replace Sonny w/Anthony and some random dude

Tommy, me, and Khai ready to shotgun our beers


Saturday: Went to see the Goons/Y&R at Emmy and Fanyan's house. Ate some bomb ass fish tacos, played spades, and had an intense ass categories game for drinks. It ended bittersweet, but ya know we're all family, everything will get worked out. After leaving Emmy and Fanyan's went to pick up some of the Chicago goofballs and went out to eat!!

Bui decided to hop in the pic but these were the spades players. Louis holding the 'L' cause Oanh and I lost to him and Ricky )=

The goons playing categories

Oanh, Tammy, Jane, Nhi, Emmy and I

Jane, me, Emmy, Oanh (ladies of Y&R hahah)

Getting Brian fucked up in categories

The goons/Y&R + Me

Tommy, Oanh, and Han

how cute the chitown boys like to match


Anonymous said...

damn... you got fat

<3 said...

i know...but it's okay. eating good > not eating