Friday, December 10, 2010


Today is Friday, and there are a couple things I could do today like a friend's birthday party that everyone keeps talking about or going downtown for a friend's going away deal, but honestly I just wanna spend the night in watching a movie, playing card games, or eating with a few close friends. That's what I have planned for tomorrow besides a friend's nephew's birthday extravaganza and a friend cooking me dinner, but we'll see, let's focus on tonight first. What to do?

I skyped w/a friend yesterday morning which got me hyped up for winter break. So many things to check off my to-do list:

[]-ice skating
[]-build a snowman
[]-make a gingerbread house
[]-cabin w/close friends
[]-card games (poker, spades, bay cao, tien lien, guthay, etc)
[]-make an ornament
add to this list if more comes to my mind later (=

I went to see The Black Swan last night w/Tiff. And this is what was running through my mind while watching it:

-besides complainers, there is nothing that irks me more than an insecure, weak minded, and naive girl. That was Natalie Portman's character during the movie...and I wanted to punch her the whole time.
-I found my Halloween costume for next year: The Black Swan
-the movie definitely wasn't something I expected, in a good way
-the mom is a psycho
-the girl on girl action was...DAMN
-I thought the ending was quite beautiful and made the entire movie even though I wanted to punch N.Portman the whole time

3 1/2 stars out of 5, but I'll let you be the judge of it.

Sometimes, just sometimes I hate being the straight foward, mean, bitch. Everyone thinks I can say things without people getting mad at me because that's just how I am. Like I have no consideration or feelings for how others would react to the things I say and do...but I do. Only to those who matter to me of course.

To me a real friend is someone who'll call you out when you're wrong and someone who isn't afraid to criticize you because they only want the best for you. So listen to me when I tell you something, it's not because I want to change you, but it's because I see something that's bothering not only myself but others around you also. I don't mean to diss you or anything...if a friend can't call you out on your wrong doings, who the hell will?

I love criticism, if no one spoke up and told me things that I did or things that needed to be changed then I wouldn't be who I am today.

A friend emailed me this script of a play he's reading for his cross cultural class because he thought I'd enjoy it. At first I'll admit the play was kind've boring, especially the first five pages, I kind've wanted to quit, but I read on and I can't keep my eyes off of it.

The play is called The Domestic Crusaders by Wajahat Ali, and it's about a Pakastani family living in America with different generations in their household. Tons of stuff us Asians can relate to, or well, that I can relate to at least. If anyone is interested in it and want a copy I can email it to you. I'm only a little into Act II but so far it's one of those that I can't put down. The friend and I are looking into contacting Mr. Ali to try and get him to bring the play to Minneapolis. If he is, I'd do mad marketing for him. Yes, it's that good.

I've been meaning to dry clean my UGGs boots and my Gucci purse, but I remembered I got the boot cleaner last year when I got the boots so I thought I'd try and save myself $40-$80 on dry cleaning and watch the boots myself and it came out pretty decent! The sheepskin isn't as soft as I first got them, but hey, at least they're clean and wearable now.
Before...I had them in my car over the summer and a friend threw up on them /=

After...voila! Almost like new. (= When I got them, they had the boot stuffed with this cardboard thing and I saved it in the box, so I instead of using newspaper to stuff the boots with after cleaning like instructed on the bottle, I just used the cardboard stuffer.

I hate being an over analyzer. Over thinking everything just ruins the surface simplicity of things. Choices and decisions. What to do?

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ken said...

Can u help me clean my jungle and combat boot? Lol since you done a really good job cleaning yours lol Jk