Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello, December.

I'm strong because I know what it's like to be weak. I keep my guard up because I know what it's like to believe a lie.

Been there done that, and after all of it, this is who I am.

A: "I want you to tell me because you want to, not because I'm asking you to."

It's funny how I have no problem telling things to Blogspot, my notebook, or strangers, but I hesitate when it comes to people who need to hear it the most.

December is here. In four days it would've been mine and Thinh's 6th year. In 25 days it'll be Christmas, and in 31 days it'll mark the last day of 2010. Time's always been moving too fast for me, but lately it seems like it's been extra fast. Of course that's how it always works; when I want things to slow down it doesn't.

Today I got the pleasure of going to a friend's dad's restaurant. A friend of mine needed to interview our friend's dad for his cross cultural class paper, so we went there and he did his thing w/the questions. The man is so sweet and wise, he even reminded me of my own father. The two could become good friends, but there would be a language barrier since both speak relatively better in their native language (my father's Vietnamese and my friend's dad Chinese). He eventually turned the questionnaires on me, but I didn't mind. The only questions I hesitated on answering was the one's on what my parents do for a living (I've always hated it when friends or strangers ask me this because immediately they'd get judgmental). When my friend was done questioning the man we had dinner w/him and two other men who worked at the restaurant. Delicious food they served and great laughs we had.

Mr. Kwan: "No matter how delicious the food, eating without company the food would be tasteless."
--One of the many things he said in the evening that I couldn't agree more with. I love talking to elder people who are open minded.

I'll definitely be back not only to eat, but also to visit Mr. Kwan.

P.s. The restaurant is in Eden Prairie called Red Moon Cafe. Check it out!

My parents are back and they are home safe. Thank goodness. They're already planning their next vacation which is good, I want them to get out more. I can't wait until I am well off myself so I can provide for them the way they have for me. They deserve the break. They deserve to see the world.

Mom: "It's so nice to finally go on vacation, get a break from everything. Now I know why you love traveling so much."
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