Thursday, December 2, 2010


I hate how when I'm driving home I'm all drowsy and tired, but the second I walk through the door I'm wide awake. I was going to attempt to blog last night (early this morning) since I had a bajillion of things to say, but opted to wait for this moment to do so instead, and now I can't think of anything I wanted to say. Fudgeeeeee nugget!

I'm sure w/time it'll all come flowing back. Notebook and pen I have you handy.


You can see that I've hardly gotten any sleep, but I'm still up ^__^


I've been listening to this song on repeat since three in the morning:

Woke up this morning
Heard the TV sayin' something
'Bout disaster in the world and
It made me wonder where I'm going
There's so much darkness in the world
But I see beauty left in you girl
And what you give me let's me know
That I'll be alright

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