Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Quickie

In response to my previous post, I guess I got what I wanted: family time! Well semi family time. Yesterday's Christmas Eve gathering at a friend who's become family's house was phenomenal. I've known him and his family ever since we were in diapers. My parents and I came over along w/a few of my uncles and other friend's parents to eat, drink, sing, dance, play card games, and etc. I guess I could sit here and describe everything that we did, but it really wouldn't explain how awesome the night was.

I took a mini nap and the pics got posted all over facebook calling me "yeu" (which means weak in Vietnamese), but whatever, I drank a lot w/the goons, parents, uncles, etc. Right when I walked in the door Tanya (my uncle Quang's wife) and Chi Hang (Chu Lam's wife) had two shots ready for me.

Tanya: Tammy...I see on Facebook you're quite the party girl.
Me: hahah's all just a front
Tanya: Don't lie to me...this is our first of many shots together Cheers!

My uncle let me carry his DSLR around to snap pics of everyone because he was too drunk to do it, and my cousin Nick was too lazy to, so I went around snapping up a storm. I can't wait for Nick to upload the pics on Facebook. (If you're reading this, hurry up!! hehe)

All of the parents, aunts, and uncles were also have a great time. The expressions I captured on camera says it all. Everyone was dancing, singing, drinking...ahh! You can see I was clearly deprived of large family get togethers....

My Christmas couldn't have started off any better. Round 2 and 3 tonight. (=

And Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope everyone of you will have a warm, safe, and fun Christmas.

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