Thursday, February 10, 2011

Complications [edited]

As human beings why is it that we always make something simple so complicated for others and ourselves? Maybe we like to put forth the extra time, energy, and efforts into all that we do, because if we’re going to do something we might as well do it with all we have. Or is it those obstacles we create are what makes us feel alive.

You say you want to quit your job, but then you tell yourself the bills aren’t going to pay itself.

You like someone but instead of just going for it and being with them, you tell yourself what if he/she hurts you...but what if he/she doesn't?

You love someone but instead of getting married you tell yourself what if you’re not ready. Well if you’re not ready now when you two are in love when the hell will you be?

You want to switch majors but instead of doing it you dwell on all of the ‘lost’ time and money you’ve already spent on the current one and how much it’ll cost you to do the big change.

See everything is easy, really it is. I don't believe anything in life is complicated. It just all winds down to how bad you want it. Because if you want it bad enough you'll go for it, do it, be with that person, etc...however if you don't want something bad enough you'll continue to make excuses to not obtain it. So with all of that said, how bad do you want it?

I'm definitely guilty of this.

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