Monday, January 4, 2010

We, Our, Us

I feel like a bitch now. Apart of the whole me accepting the we, our, us thing is for me to accept him being able to "take" care of me. Whatever that means right? But I just rejected his Christmas present because 1)I told him specifically not to get me one this year, and I know we've talked about this before on how it's the thought of him putting the time into picking one out...still, I told you not to get me one! I feel like a bitch for rejecting it, but I also didn't accept it because he put me in a completely bad mood. I packed a lot for this weekend because I knew I was going to stay over at his house a day longer than I usually do, and because I had extra dresses packed just in case we went out more than just for NYE. This morning while bring all of my bags up to his car, he didn't ask once if I needed a hand. Same thing happened earlier when dropping me off. I didn't want to have to ask him to help me with the bags, I wished he would just know to ask me if I needed a hand. But he didn't, even after I said "Can you wait a little? I'm going to need to make two stops since I have a lot of stuff to carry in." The whole time all he did was sit in his stupid warm car! That got me in a bad mood, and when I came out the second time to pick up the last of my stuff he goes "oh yeah baby grab that present it's your's" I feel like a complete bitch because we've gone over this whole gift stuff before. But I'm still irritated at him for not helping me. Men are so unthoughtful! This is why I'm better off by myself. I know I can do everything by myself, why should I be with a man and want him to help me with things, but in the end he doesn't and I'll just be disappointed and irritated? So unnecessary.

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