Monday, January 4, 2010

Painful Disease

The disease I got three years back, is slowly creeping back up on me. Not good. I gotta go pay my OBGYN a visit and get some medication again before it's back full throttle.

The pain was so bad earlier I had to force myself to take a nap. After 45 minutes of tossing, turning, and screaming in pain, I knocked out. Woke up three hours later and the pain went away.

I remember three years ago when I first got it. For the first year and a half, each time I got my period, it was a week and a half of hell. Going in and out of emergency rooms and hospitals. None of those "doctors" knew what it was. They just kept me overnight on IV's. I lost so much weight too, I was down to 75lbs because everything I ate within that week and a half of my period I threw up, including water. I couldn't hold anything down. But my dad still forced me to eat to try and get little energy off of it.

Finally, after a year and a half of going in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms I finally got referred over to an OBGYN and she found out right away what was wrong with me. Endometriosis. My doctor gave me three options: to get surgery (although it wouldn't cure it 100%), take a shot every three months ($500 each time insurance doesn't cover), or get put on hormone pills to take everyday so that I wouldn't get my period every month. Surgery is just scary thinking about so I didn't want to do that, the shots were scary and expensive, so I opted for the hormone pills. I was good at taking them everyday for a year or two, then I stopped. Definitely need to get going on them again.

So if you think you got it bad when it comes to having your period, trust me your's is nothing compared to what I have to endure.

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bebiix said...

i never really knew what it was until i looked it up, take care of yourself foo!

mucho love,