Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Superman needs his Lois Lane

Over the past weekend, Thinh and several of our close friends left Minnesota and went to our neighboring state of Wisconsin to go snowboarding. I didn’t want to go because now a days I don’t have money for things like that, and I didn’t want Thinh to pay for my part of the vacation. So I stayed back, in my head I kept thinking ”Please let him come back in one piece.” Thinh is still young yes, but (I joke with him about this all the time) he is in an old man’s body. His head is full of grey hairs; he has leg problems, back problems…now a shoulder problem.

Hoang lost his phone the same day they arrived in Wisconsin, so when my phone rang and it popped up with a picture of Thinh and said “Thinhman” on it, but Hoang’s voice was on the other line, I didn’t think much of it. Until he said something happened to Thinh. The only words I took in were ambulance and hospital. I couldn’t help but find myself crying. A few minutes after I got off the phone with Hoang, Tenzin called to let me know the same thing. I thank those two for calling me right away and letting me know. I have really great friends.

It turned out that he dislocated his shoulder, worse than nothing happening to him, but better than having something break.

Ever since he’s been back, I’ve been visiting him. I like it that he’s home more often with his family, he never takes the time to stay home, ever. It’s been lots of Friends re-runs, and to-go food with him. It’s a nice break from going out to eat and seeing a movie whenever we’re together. I wished we had our own kitchen, so I could whip him up something instead though. Soon enough…

(my bad for getting off topic)

He’s been wearing this cast/sling thing on his right shoulder and arm, so he’s pretty much disabled. I had the opportunity of helping him shower yesterday. Not like that, but I was helping him undress, stood by the tub and squeezed soap into his good hand, scrub his back, dry him, lotion his back, dress him, etc. Like I said in my previous post, it’s really rare where I get to see him like this. Sometimes I wondered myself if he was Superman. He’s so independent, self-motivated, never needing the help of others for anything, until yesterday, and I had the pleasure of helping him.

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bebiix said...

i love this side of you, :)
shows your wifey side hahaha