Sunday, January 3, 2010

Short Story

About three weeks ago, the guys (Thinh, Khoi, and Phuc) and I were eating somewhere. We normally have pretty random talks about everything. But I was pretty surprised when Khoi looked at me and busted out "you know what I just noticed? After all of these years being friends with you I just noticed something. I noticed that you never talk. Like if someone brings up something, then you'll add your two cents to it, but you never say how you feel without having someone to say it for you first. Why is that? Do you not like opening up?"

Then, just right now. Thinh left to go do something, so it's just me and Khoi watching the game on tv, and I was on someone's LJ looking at pictures of food (surprise surprise?) and I blurted out "You know what I want right now? Some banh mi op la!" Well, turns out I should do it more often cause Khoi was taken aback and was really surprised "OMG! did you just say something? Tammy's first phrase ever. You deserve some banh mi op la for that. Call T.I. to get some bread and I'll make you the eggs myself!...tammy's first words hahaha"

These guys cracks me up every time, but I guess he's right. I don't open up to very many people.

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