Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 weeks in...21 years out

It’s only been about two weeks into the New Year and new decade but so far everything definitely has been looking up. Killed an interview, and got the job. I’m just waiting on the background check to come back, so I can start training next week. This should be my last semester at Normandale, than I can transfer and look forward to another new beginning. Back to the old schedule of 15 credits (5 classes) + 40 hrs/week @ work. It was a nice four month long break, but I was getting too used to it. Life is too short, definitely too short to be bumming around.

Besides, my winter break had to suffer because of not being employed, so hopefully I’ll catch up on all of my bills asap, and starting saving for the apartment and motherland trip. I’ve always had a couple of new toys in mind that I want to get too but eek, that can wait since it’s just a want.


I’m going to really have to step up my game this semester. I’m shooting for all A’s. No B’s and definitely won’t let a C slip pass by me. I want to leave Normandale with a bang, and enter the U with a bang. I used to know what I want. I wanted to go for communications, and be a public relations specialist for a large company, or a company that I believed in. I tend to talk a lot and non-stop about people, products, companies, stores that I believe in and love, so that would’ve been so perfect for me. But I’m really starting to think about being a lawyer again. Not only have countless people told me that a career in law would suit me really well, but it’s something I’ve also thought about in the past…the only thing that deterred me away from going through with it, is the amount of schooling I’ll have to go through. But I’ve already gone through four years, and will be another two, why not go all of the way and make something out of myself? It’s definitely a big consideration.
Before considering it, I gotta make it through this semester. Study buddies I need your help to keep me motivated!


I finally realized something about myself, a big flaw that I really gotta learn to change. I hate sharing. I don’t want to share anything that is mine and that goes towards family, boyfriend (of course), friends, material possessions, etc…I know it might sound weird, but trust me you can share the things listed and it’s a problem I really gotta try and fix before I ruin the greater things for myself.


Over the past few months, I’ve been finding myself having the cake, and wanting to eat it also. I’m too curious about life for my own good. I need to pick one choice, and stick to it. Familiarity or exploration.

I believe that when you come to around my age, there’s two ways you can look at your own life:

1. You’re still young
2. You’re getting old

At the age of 21, many of my peers will answer that they think they’re still young. I think the opposite. So although I have the desire to explore, I feel that I’m getting old so I should just stick to what I know and what I’m comfortable with. Just be happy for what I have, and don’t spoil it by wanting more.
Is there any way to balance it all out? It’s so hard to leave everything behind for something so simple and selfish.

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bebiix said...

YAY!! im happy you got the job tammy! :D
i think you do good in EVERYthing that you do :) i got yo backk lol

and yes,approaching 22 is a weird age. so many things pop up without you realizing it.. but its also a lucky year :)

idk why but reading your blogs gives me comfort. unexplainable