Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What it takes to be succesful

What does it take to be number one? And stay there!
From the book The Little Red Book of Selling By: Jeffrey Gitomer

1. A contagious positive attitude. I believe that I am blessed and that positive things will happen in my life. Because I believe that positive things will happen to me. they do!

2. Excited about the prospect of helping others. Sincerely caring. When I have appointments, I want to help my prospective customers solve a problem, get better service, increase productivity, etc. I believe that they can sense that I want to help them and not "sell them something."

3. Self-assured, not arrogant. Confidence. I know that I can achieve whatever I decide to and am willing to work hard for. I believe in myself and my abilities. My personal motto is "They can, who believe they can. I believe I can."

4. I like people and they like me. People like me right away. I'm not a threat to them. And I 'm not perceived as "salesy." Being able to relate to people, ALL people. I don't try to "type" people; I just try to "like" them.

5. Not just "book smart." Being able to assess and solve real-world problems. Being able to prioritize and decide which things (prospects) to spend time on and which not to. Work smarter, not harder.

6. If I'm not having fun, what's the point? I have often been described as "easily amused." I think this is one of my best characteristics. I find joy in almost everything.

7. I do everything full-force. I sweat when I work and I sweat when I dance. 110% is the minimum acceptable standard. If something is worthwhile, I give it everything I have.

8. Unspoken integrity. Visibly honest. I try to be honest and ethical in everything that I do. I feel that being trustworthy and honorable is a strong statement of character. I try to always keep my promises. Hopefully, my word means something to others, because it means EVERYTHING to me.

9. I concentrate on the details without getting caught up in them. Beyond organized. Detail is vital to my success. It sounds minute, but it's HUGE. I keep things in order so I can function error-free. I try not to waste time or energy by trying to find things twice or pick up dropped balls.

10. I'm kid-like happy on the inside. I have the enthusiasm of a 2-year-old with a college degree and a business card. I am the eternam cheerleader for myself and others. I want everyone to win (except my competition).


Eversince I could work legally, selling has always been apart of the job description. So it's obvious that knowing how to sell will make me successful in almost any job that I've had and even with the jobs that I will have.

and while I'm reading this book, and this part of the book, I can't help but feel that I obtain all of the traits Gitomer swears by to be successful as a salesperson. --Maybe that's one of the reasons why I've been so successful with my numbers. I just don't like selling for no reason..If there's a benefit to the customer then I'm all for it.

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