Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm not one to ever take a compliment easily. I think they're cheap and cheesy, kind of like a pick-up line. But today, one day that I feel not like myself, wearing no make-up, with eyes puffed up, and bloodshot from hardly any sleep the night before. A customer walked up to my window after finished with another window, asked what nationality I was, and told me that I was beautiful.

Thank you customer, but I already knew that.

There is three kinds of beautiful in life. The people who are beautiful through their looks, the people who are beautiful through their personalities, and there are the people who are blessed with both traits. I, consider myself to be the second option. I was blessed with a beautiful personality, and I use my personality quite well to get the things I want in life.

and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. Yes, looks can you places and people, but I believe without a beautiful personality, it certainately won't keep you there.

Take for an example, dating someone. Many people take looks into consideration as their first thing they look for in a potential date, but for myself, if you are smoking hot and you have a dull or ugly personality, I sure as hell won't want anything to do with you after the first date.

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