Sunday, August 2, 2009

End of the Month, End of the Summer

So here it is again, the end of the month, but this isn't just any other month. This month marks the nearing end of summer. With only one month left to do whatever I can fit into my full time work schedule, I still have a lot of uncrossed things on my to do list. But from the looks of it, I doubt I'll be getting everything crossed off. The next two weeks will consist of working, closing on my loan, and two trips out of Minnesota. I'm excited to have my first loan close, and of course the two trips. I've already taken a trip in the beginning of summer, to celebrate mine, T's, and myself making it through yet another full blown semester of school (40 hours of work a week + 14 credits and I still managed to make it to work everyday, two A's, 1 B, and 1 C --which was because of attendence for an 8am class).

Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish before summer ends:

[]-hit 200 in bowling
[]-mini golfing!!
[]-get out on the lake (jetskiing, pontooning, boating)
[]-more swimming

If I get those four crossed off, I'll be satisfied with my summer...totally looking foward to my trip to Vegas...after that I'm already planning out my next trip during winter break. If I can get all A's and one B this semester I'm treating myself to a trip on a cruise to the Bahamas, Hawaii, or Mexico (keep in mind I'll be taking 16 credits + 40 hours of work a week, no one I know has a crazy schedule like mine and still pull off A's and B's...cause I'm boss lady). And once I graduate, it's going to be Australia. I've swam with dolphins this summer, two summers from now it'll be swimming with sharks.

Vegas...I have all of my attire picked out, I've been shopping like crazy the past few weeks, purchasing dresses for day and night and I think I have everything, all but a few more bikini's and I'll be set. Let's hope the airline won't lose my luggage again...if they have something to say aobut me not checking in my 50lbs bag, I'm going to say "SUCK IT!!! The past few times I've been flying and checked in my bag ya'll lost it so unless you wanna pay be 3 grand for my luggage I suggest you suck a dick." I don't know what it is, it just happens to me!

ok ok it's getting late. I have a date w/the bf and the guys to eat dim sum tomorrow morning, plus more shopping for Vegas attire.

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