Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I do what I do

We started out as a group of 14 people, and it's only been a week and now we're down to seven. I'll be honest, going into the position I thought to myself and even told myself that this will be easy peazy. Just a little studying, some sales, and building rapport w/coworkers and potential clients...nothing I haven't done before so it should be a piece of cake right? Too bad it's not. The exam my group and I have been studying for has a nation pass rate of under 60% and it's a lot more dry and tougher to comprehend than I thought it would be. I've been pulling allnighters and even willing to sacrifice social get togethers (and I love seeing my friends!) to study for this darn exam. I have 11 weeks to take and pass it, but the sooner I get it out of the way will result in the sooner I'll get my social life back.

Anyways, with long hours at work, and long hours of studying at home after work for work, and all of these sacrifices (which include camping this weekend, something I've been looking forward to since we all started planning the trip back in February) why would I want to stay here when I can easily get any other job?

I've been in the financial industry since I graduated high school in '06. And the customer service field since I could legally start working. I have gained a lot of hands on experience in my years of working, and this current position allows me to gain more knowledge and I can see a lot of growth potential at this company. At Wells Fargo and M&I I didn't feel that there. Both very very great companies, but I felt a roadblock. I got extremely good at what I was doing, but there wasn't much to learn after that so I left. I actually see a future here, so I'm willing to sacrifice time w/family and friends to learn something other companies aren't willing to teach me.

Allowing my parents to retire w/o the headache of "Will we have enough money to retire" on their minds, not having my brother work a day in his life (although I want him to gain experience from working this is better for him), Financial District in NYC, Australia, and allowing myself to grow as a person are all things that are motivating me to succeed in this position.

The man above gave me this opportunity to experience, learn, grow, and better myself. It'd be a shame if I didn't take it.

Just do me. Family and real friends understand why I can't spend time w/them. And the universe will allow all else to fall into place when the time is right.

I'm scared of what the future holds because everything that I've ever wished for has been given to me. I believe that if I want something and it's not given to me it's because I deserve better or it's not the right time. Things happen for a reason, everything that has happened to me in life has proven that to be true. And so I am here a believer.
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