Sunday, June 12, 2011

I think too much.
My head should be bigger than what it is.
Not because I'm smart or anything...
My mind just won't stop. EVER.

And the worst part is
I've been so busy drowning myself in work
that I haven't had time to reflect, write, blog, talk about it all.
They're happy thoughts though.
Most of it anyway.

I find it amazing that I always manage to get what I want.
But shit always changes once I get it.
It's like I underestimate my own potential
and when I get it things just aren't what I thought it was.
That's what I get for having expectations though.

Ya know I never was one to put work before anything.
Especially before family, friends, and fun.
But this weekend I did.
If it were any other job I would've called in, made up some bullshit excuse, anything
to get out of working and would have went camping, downtown, uptown, and a family dinner
but instead I declined all invites and worked.
Funny. It's not the money I'm trying to make. It's my dreams.

I've never been one to take my studies seriously either.
It's always the bare minimum to get me by in school.
But this time the bare minimum isn't going to get me to make this happen.
So far this new gig has taught me discipline.
Something an untamed girl needs.
Can't go flyin' anywhere anytime I want to.

Changes baby changes.
Like I said, the first of June felt like New Years.

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