Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tomorrow is never promised

I don't know about others, but time is something that is invaluable to me. I've keep my habit of sleeping as little as I can for a reason, and I believe that no one ever remembers the days they got plenty of sleep.

So I do whatever I can to not waste it. Some tips and pointers:

  • Try to not dwell on the past, unless it is to learn from it. It already happened, no matter what you say or think won't change it. So just glance at it, know where you made the mistake, move on, and grow from it.
  • "If you focus on what you've left behind, you'll never be able to see what lies ahead." -Unknown
  • Don't count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.
  • Time is NOT money. Time can get you more money, but money cannot get your more time.
  • Trust that you are alive right now for a reason. Make that reason be seen if not by others at least by yourself.
  • Dream -> Plan -> Act -> Track
    Dream out your goals, plan out how to make them happen, physically go out and achieve them in every way possible, and track your progress (and possibly react to that progress either make a plan b/c it's not working out the way you want it to or you're doing so well that you should speed up the process). That way you don't waste time and when you're old and wrinkly you won't say to yourself or worse to others "I wish..."
  • Better late than never. You're going to never be too old to achieve something you've always wanted. NEVER!
  • While it's good to plan for your future, remember that the only thing that's guaranteed to you is this moment. Life is unpredictable and there may be no tomorrow to do what you're holding off on today.
  • It's good to believe in fate and destiny. But the both of them can only lead you so far before you have to take actions into your own hands.
  • It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years. If you died tomorrow would you be satisfied with everything you got accomplished? If not, well...what are you waiting for?
I can go on and on about time and how I think you shouldn't waste it, but honestly you'd just be wasting your time reading this. GO DO SOMETHING! Only YOU know what's best for you. So make the time you have worth it.

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