Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What usually accompanies change for me is the lack of time. I've been wanting to write/blog about so much that has happened in the past two weeks, but I've had no time to record everything down. Instead I have been replacing writing/blogging w/telling my close friends how I've been feeling. Although it feels nice to talk to others, I still would love to have them recorded for memory purposes.

I haven't really had time to do much but eat, think, drink, and breathe finance. I have never doubted my potential with anything that I have set my mind to do in the past and lately I've found myself to do the opposite. But being the blessed person that I am I have very supportive and encouraging family and friends who are helping me see the light in continuing what I decided to do.

I can't control what my feelings are and how I think, but I can control the amount of power it has over me. Although I've let it distract me from my goal the past few days, I've refocused my desires to accomplishing this goal.

After all, things happen for a reason. This opportunity was presented to me time and time again for a reason. And when the time is right the man above will let me feel what I thought I felt again.

Gold medals aren't made of gold. They're made of unmitigated desire, determination, and will to win.

I'm in it to win it, because if you're not #1 you're nothing.

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