Thursday, November 24, 2011

things I am thankful for:

-my family; I am thankful they are all healthy and alive. I am thankful to be sitting in the living room watching football with my younger brother. thankful to be waiting on delicious food my parents are preparing for lunch. and thankful I will get to spend some quality retail therapy with my sister and her bf who has turned into our own family member over the years.
-my friends; although work and having someone consume so much of my time, I am thankful they understand, are there for me and sts happy for me
-work; in a time where so many are struggling I am thankful for my 70 hour Weeks. And I am also thankful for my funny and awesome co workers whom i enjoy seeing daily
-the past 23 years; everything happened because it was supposed to, everything is together, and I am truly blessed to be given another day on this beautiful world.

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bebiix said...

Before i read ur post, I posted mine! High fives to us.