Thursday, February 25, 2010


I’m known to be very indecisive. From picking a restaurant to go eat at, or whether to study or not to study, I can’t seem to choose and when I do, it’s all on impulse. But if there was anyone who was more indecisive and impulsive than me, it’d have to be my parents.

About four and a half years ago, my dad and I talked about getting me a car. He would put down a down payment and I would pay the monthly car and insurance payments. Deal. Only thing was what car? We only spent a week if even that looking at cars and he let me pick whatever one I wanted (why did I pick the one I did???). When I picked one, he let me drive it out of the lot and to my house even when I was a month away from taking my license test. That night when my mom came home she nearly died. There was this brand new car in our driveway and she knew something was up. She was screaming and yelling for a good month until she accepted it.

Today, I got home from work which was a super extra long day. I was at work from 6am-8:30pm. Came home and there it was, the car my parents were just talking (yes only talking) about getting yesterday and here it is on our driveway. What-the-eff. I’m just about done paying off my car in September, and now I have another one to pay off. Argh!

At least I know where my impulsiveness and indecisiveness comes from. Go back straight to the roots of it all.

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Anonymous said...

dude u got a new car? what about your old one? SHIT ITS A HAPPY DAY!