Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've been addicted to Grey's Anatomy lately. Skipped season 1 watched all of season 3 and half way through season 2. I hate Meredith even though she's the main person and the narrator. I hate her. Stupid cunt lay off the married man already! Seems like everyone is a homewrecker these days.

Anyways, I got a text message from my dad the other day. From MY DAD, can you believe that? It was like just the other day I was showing him how to listen to his voicemails now he can text. haha. Its so cute. I saved the text even though it wasn't anything big. but I saved it, because its cute. I miss my family. I can't wait til Thanksgiving. I wanna see my family. I miss my mom's cooking. Everyone's told me its a shame that I didn't get to learn how to cook from her before I left because EVERYONE raves about her cooking.

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