Sunday, July 9, 2017

Do you know how hard it is to not cry when two grown, strong men are crying?

The past three days feels so so surreal. I still remember answering a call from Danny Thursday. It was a little after Noon, he asked if I knew my Delta Skymiles number. I got kind of excited thinking D was trying to surprise me with a trip.

It was a surprise, however, not the kind that get butterflies going in your tummy. I could hear Danny breaking down and abruptly say he'll call when he's on the way home. I immediately call his mom.

Gramps is D's 94 year old grandfather and time has really taken a toll on his body the past seven months. When Sue and I spoke, we referred to the person as "he," "him," and "his" so I assumed it was Gramps. I immediately broke down crying alone in our room. The bedroom window was cracked and my neighbor is retired, I'm sure she thought I was strange.

It wasn't until D got home 20 minutes later when I found out it was his dad. I yelled out while scrambling around the house trying to pack my suitcase, "your mom just texted. Gramps is getting the MRI right now." And he said, "It's my dad." And started to cry.

In the six years we've been together I've never seen D cry before. He's always been the strongest and smartest person I know (still is). He's truly a unicorn.

How do I console my best friend when my best friend has always been the person that consoles me?

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