Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things that make me happy 100-109

100) visiting a new place, where no one knows my name (even if it is Spencer, IA)
101) Tagging along with the man on his business trips
103) new gym gear
104) seeing my body change (I now have a four pack!)
105) days where a jacket isn't necessary. I'm tired of the cold, gloomy, cold, snowy days.
106) getting goodies from the sister. Every time I see her, she's given me bags full of make up, workout clothes, house necessities, clutches, etc.
107) being able to take a load off the man's plate. Now that I'm not working 60+ hours, I've been able to clean our home, help with renos, and have dinner ready by the time he gets home.
108) cooking things the man enjoys eating
109) knowing the man enjoys Vietnamese, and more importantly my mom's cooking

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