Wednesday, July 23, 2008


days until Marian days in Carthage, MO

...that is if I decide to go. Reasons why I would go: family, friends. Reasons why I wouldn't want to go: hot ass weather, possible rain + camping out in tents=gross nasty dirt everywhere=not good=me being moody and angry, did i mention the hot ass weather?

I've gone every year eversince second grade and don't get me wrong I love love going, but the weather really gets to me. I love the sunny hot weather that comes along with summer but sometimes I just can't take it. Its so humid. but then I feel like I should go not just because my family and friends (which not all are going this year) but because I feel like maybe I need sometime to myself. Away from this city, away from work, away from everyone..

Who knows, it'll probably end up to be a last minute decision.

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